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Crate turned lazy kate

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Crate turned lazy kate

Headed out to the farm this weekend geared up with my Aura spinning wheel, bobbins of singles for plying, a niddy noddy, some knitting, and a crate of fiber. The plan was to ply all the bobbins that were full to clear them out for new spinning. Unfortunately, I left my lazy kate behind! Lucky for me I have my very own Boy Genius who cut some dowel rods down that were perfect to holding my bobbins across my crate and viola, instant stand in lazy kate.

She is far from pretty but is very functional and it was easy to ply from. I may use this method when I am hauling my wheel around to fiber fests. One less thing to carry around and to remember to pack!


Monday Morning Photo

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Happy Making ShawlHappy Monday! Random photo today, one of my favorites ever of my littlest posing with one of the children’s shawls I crocheted for a living history¬†museum¬†in 2010. She is a joyful child and this is my happy making today.

not afraid of anything

Jayne Hat YarnI am working on a cunning Jayne Cobb hat. So far I am down to the earflaps and the hat is gigantic. I am hoping there will be enough to give this one to the oldest boy child and make myself one that actually fits.