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Doing that thing you do

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Crossposted from my blog home that needed a new direction

It’s been so long since I was active in public social media I think I forgot how to do it. I mean, y’all only want to see so many dyepots cooking, right? Yeah, I am thinking so and that’s the problem; I forgot how to post all the mundane everyday things that tie us all together & random thoughts that  services like Twitter is for.

Do my open source linux friends want to hear about my adventures in fiber? Do my fiber friends want to hear about my latest trials and tribulations with Ubuntu or OpenCart? It’s like two worlds smashed right into each other and I had such a hard time balancing what to tweet that I just stopped – about 2 years ago.

I spent some time tonight/this morning (I never did go to bed) tweaking on my Twitter, updating my profile, looking up follower requests, following new people, & wishing Twitter worked with Google Voice. Now here I sit with a blank prompt, 140 characters or less at my disposal, and I don’t have the vaguest idea what to say.

Hello world.

My name is Linuxchic. I left my day job as a linux & vmware sysadmin to pursue fiber arts full-time. I run my business on open source, assist other artists & crafters to do the same & I really love what I do.

I’m still the same person, I am just doing it a little differently than before. Let’s see if we can get reacquainted.

Maker Faire KC 2012

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It’s a hard life

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Cozy Cats

…being a cat.


Come on Spring, I am READY!

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Kids on the go I have the spring fever bad! Spring always gets me feeling productive and motivated which is good because I have a HUGE todo list! I have three quilts waiting to be started, I have a basement to purge so I can move the dye lab into, I would like to put a fresh coat of paint all over inside the house, and I am planning on ripping out and remodeling my kitchen as soon as the dye lab is moved and functioning. And let’s not forget, there is a garden to be planted! Whew! That’s a LOT to do on top of everything else but this weather just gets me energized!

The kids have been taking advantage of every nice day to be outside. It’s so nice seeing them enjoy the outdoors, I can’t wait for Spring to officially arrive!

Not my first blog

Red StepsThis is neither my first nor my only current blog but it is time to give space to my personal side. I rarely dip into me much on my fiber blog since it is linked to my business. Part is that whole overshare kinda thing and the other part is the not everything I might want to blog is relavent to the shop & fiber blog.

I thought I would do best to name the blog after my home; my big, creaky, 100 year old house with a nice front porch on Main in a small town in the midwest. You can’t get much more Andy Griffith that than. Life is a happy chaos most of the time here – four children, six pets, a couple of family businesses, a loving extended family and some of the best friends in the world.

Life has been changing dramatically for us. After years of punching a time clock in the corporate world my husband has moved into a more laid back position in education to have more time for his health and family. For several years I have been working outside the home with a long commute in addition to running a full-time fiber business. In less than two months I will leave the commute behind and rely solely on the fiber biz. It’s thrilling and terrifying all at the same time.

2012 is a year of change, a year of excitement, and a year of taking back our lives. I hope you enjoy our journey here at Life on Main.